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Jürgen Oeder

Jürgen Oeder

is a journalist and author in south-western Germany. He has been working as a correspondent for the Agence France Presse news agency since 1991.

Ever since he caught his first stickleback at age 8 and kept it alive for a few hours in a pickle jar, he has been fascinated by fishing and by everything with scales and fins. Those modest beginnings eventually led him to three IGFA world records.

For more than 25 years now, the author has been a regular contributor to German-language fishing publications such as Blinker, Kutter & Küste and Fliegenfischen; his work has also appeared in Saltwater Sportsman, where he wrote about fishing off the coast of Kenya and the Azores. His first shorter book about big game fishing was published by the German Jahr-Verlag in 2003.

In his pursuit of tight lines, Jürgen Oeder has traveled to numerous countries on every continent and gone from Canada to Australia and Mexico to east Africa. It was in Kenya and on a trip to the Bahamas researching sharks with expert Prof. Samuel Gruber that he learned to appreciate all of the impressive facets that Mother Nature has bestowed on the creatures of the sea.

The author's book, entitled “Das Große Buch vom Big Game Angeln: Fische, Köder und Reviere” with more than 480 pages (initially published in the German language) was such a huge success, that it appears now as an e-mag in the English language as well, entitled “ultimate Bluewater Fishing”.

The electronic book runs in IOS and Android. It is aimed at both beginners and ambitious big game anglers. Newcomers to the sport will appreciate this book for the access it gives them to a highly addictive hobby, while old hands will enjoy reading about new goals and destinations to aim for and savor some armchair travel until their next excursion.

In his spare time, Jürgen Oeder is interested in more than just big game, however. For almost forty years, his true passion has been the most complicated, expensive and surefire way not to catch a thing: fly fishing.